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The birth of your baby is one of the most transformative times of your life. Birth can be oh so incredibly beautiful and powerful, yet also equally vulnerable. How a woman feels about her birth experience is crucial. My role as your doula is to support you (and your partner if you have one) to prepare for a wonderfully positive birth that will leave you feeling confident and ready to face whichever twist and turn it follows. Think of me as your number 1 birth fan there to cheer you on, provide evidence based information and give you the tips and tricks to achieve a ROCKSTAR birth, YOUR way!

It is well documented that continuous support throughout this sacred rite of passage for birthing women provides wonderful benefits such as improved birth outcomes and breastfeeding success. Mothers are also more likely to perceive their pregnancy and birth experience positively. Words cant explain the pure elation you will feel the moment you bring your baby earth side like the badass birther you were made to be!!

I offer the service of both birth and postpartum doula support to Peel families birthing within hospital or home, tailored to your family needs. 

I also run Hypnobirthing Australia's Positive Birth program throughout a full 2 day weekend from my home in Dawesville to educate and inspire couples to ditch the fear and approach their birth with confidence, knowledge and excitement!

Next workshop scheduled Aug 21-22, Dawesville W.A.

Eniko Retreats is my new baby, luxe retreats for pregnant couples looking to escape the grind, connect, relax and indulge among the lush surrounds of Perth hills or Margaret River.

Added bonus- Positive Birth program included!

Next retreat scheduled Dec 9-12, Stoneville, W.A.

Last but not least, I also offer birth pool, CUB and TENs hire.

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Who I am...


I am Kristy Day, mother of 3 here to share my purpose for all things juicy birth, babies and women's rights!

I am here to support, advocate and guide you in creating a positive birth and early postpartum experience as a full spectrum doula with a deep respect and understanding of the birthing process and its unsurpassed power. I help you cut through the bullshit that is our current maternity system and gain confidence in your body ability to birth your baby. I respect normal birth as a natural, physiological event- not a medical one. Whilst we are fortunate to have access to medical care should the need arise, I believe birth is a rite of passage to be reclaimed and respected (not feared or interfered) contrary to the one size fits all approach all too common we see today. 

I stand with birthing mothers.

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So what is a Doula exactly?
A Doula can best be described as a non-medical integral part of your care team that is there solely to support you emotionally, mentally and physically through the intensity of labour and birth. The role of a doula is to be completely focussed on your needs without restraint of hospital policy and staffing. Think of me as your fairy godmother there to nurture the nurturer as she enters a new realm into motherhood, be it your first or fifth baby. Continuous care from pregnancy and beyond has long been strongly associated with a range of better outcomes for mothers and babies from shorter labours to increased breastfeeding success. This is not rocket science. A birthing person needs to feel safe, supported and in control to achieve a birth they perceive in a wondrous and positive light. A doula provides resources, hot tips, shares evidence based research/information and has a bag of tricks full of goodies and treats ready exactly when you need it. I guide your partner how to get involved and better support you, as well as instil you both with a greater sense of confidence in the physiological processes of birth and early parenting challenges. All the ins and outs of pregnancy, labour, birth and early postpartum can be seriously overwhelming to learn on your feet!


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"The help Kristy provided for my husband and I throughout my pregnancy and onto postpartum period was invaluable! She was very professional with a tender touch, and carries with her a fun and vivacious spirit, although also incredibly intuitive and calming all the same"

Stephanie Clauson


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