About Me

I am Kristy Day, mama of 3, here to share my souls love of all things juicy birth!


I support mamas to achieve an empowered birth and blissful postpartum.


I am a birth and postpartum Doula servicing the Mandurah and Peel region, a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner running regular workshops and the the founder of Eniko Retreats, hosting overnight luxe retreats for pregnant queens looking to reset, reconnect and nurture thyself in nature.

I work with you in creating a beautiful pregnancy, positive birth and early postpartum experience. I hold a deep respect and understanding of the birthing process and its unsurpassed power. I help you cut through the b.s that is our current maternity system and gain confidence in your body's ability to birth your baby. I respect normal birth as a natural, physiological event- not a medical one. Whilst we are fortunate to have access to medical care should the need arise, I believe birth is a rite of passage to be reclaimed and respected (not feared or interfered) contrary to the one size fits all approach all too common we see today. 

I stand with birthing mothers.