Birth Doula Support

Empowered Mama
Doula Birth Support Package


Let's work together to create the ultimate birth team!

Welcoming a tiny human into the world is such a special yet sometimes overwhelming time. My role is to be your biggest cheerleader giving insight into your birthing power when you feel lost, reminding you of your innate ancient birth wisdom whilst surrounding you with nurturing love and care throughout this profound moment in time of your life.


Included in the Empowered Mama Package: I

+ 2 x 2hr prenatal visits

+ evidence based information sharing

+ access to my resource library

+ fear release meditation session

+ birth plan/mapping

+ nourishing treats

+ labour & birth support (at home)

+ affirmation cards

+ doula bag of tricks & gifts

+ CUB hire complimentary

+ TENS machine hire complimentary

+ Birth pool hire complimentary

+1 x 3hr postpartum visit (think of me as your postpartum fairy!)

+1 x postpartum family meal

+ Gift bag

+ Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program $100 discount (Empowered Birth Series)