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What birth story do you want to tell?


Do you feel overwhelmed, unprepared and fearful of what you may experience as you bring your baby earthside?

Kati from Coastal Bliss Yoga and Kristy from Queen Bee Birth are SO excited to offer a unique collab 

you wont want to miss!

With only one chance to birth this baby, undoubtedly you will want to feel calm, in control and informed to make the right decisions for both you and your baby! Research shows that the way a woman feels during this

pivotal time in her life MATTERS.

In this comprehensive workshop series we dive deep into ways to not only be well prepared and confident to navigate the twists and turns of your labour and birth but also how to get truly EXCITED to experience one of the most beautifully transformative rites of passage of your life. 

Next Positive Birth program:
Empowered Birth Series
March 19, 26 + April 2nd



The Positive Birth program teaches you and your birth partner how to be the ultimate A-Team with evidence-based information including the process of birth, the pros and cons of procedures surrounding birth, and making your own decisions rather then blindly following one size fits all hospital policy.

What you receive in this Birth Series:


+ tools and techniques to not only cope but ROCK your birth with a positive mindset

+ remove fear and replace it with knowledge, insight and understanding around labour and birth


+ specific tools and techniques to use during labour to create a calm, positive and empowering birth


+ harness your hormonal matrix


+ learn how to use your B.R.A.I.N  when faced with the many decisions you will come across


+ a framework to help you make informed decisions right for you and your baby 


+ practical tools for birth partners to support you and also be your biggest advocate

+ Birth positions to assist your labour for a quicker, easier birth 


+ ways to work with your care providers (starting with finding the right care giver for you) ensuring you have the positive birth experience you desire

+ a comprehensive Hypnobirthing Australia resource folio you can take to your birth with you

+ 2MP3 self-hypnosis albums, so you can practice your techniques before the big day

+ ongoing phone and email support right up until the day of your birth 


+ Refreshments provided


Though this program is a natural approach to birth, it is certainly not an all or nothing approach. 


This is far less WOO WOO than you might think...

Do birth, YOUR way!


Saturday 9am-3pm, over 3 weekends.


Coastal Bliss Yoga Studio

55 Mandurah Terrace



Hypnobirthing Australia's Positive Birth Program with Kristy

Active Birth workshop (Spinning Babies) with Kati from Coastal Bliss Mums & Bubs

6x Pre/Postnatal/Mum and Baby Yoga passes

50% massage discount voucher

Refreshments provided


$695 per couple

(you and your birthing partner, whom ever that may be i.e partner, friend or family member)

Only 6 couples per workshop, places limited!

**Private 1:1 Hypnobirthing classes (only) available within your home or mine, tailored to your family's schedule

if unable to attend group workshop dates

$550 per couple