Postpartum Support

Fill Your Cup
Postpartum Support Package


I mother the Mother...

Welcoming a new human into the world is such a profound time in a woman's life - a time where you need support and nurturing more than ever before, not just your baby.

This package is the most perfect baby shower or Mothers Blessing gift EVER.

The Fill Your Cup package includes;

+ holistic family support

+ birth debrief

+ home help with laundry, dishes and general tidying

+ newborn care guidance (if requested)

+ newborn care so you can spend time with your older child interruption free, or some well deserved time for yourself 

+ older child care so you can bond with baby

+ food prep/cooking for the family

+ a friend who listens (this sh*# can be hard and isolating!)

+ baby cuddles whilst you sleep

+ run errands

+ breastfeeding guidance (if requested)

+ referrals to community support (eg. lactation consultant/mental health/body work/mothers group as requested)

+ I come armed with a delicious, nourishing family meal each visit 

+3hr weekly visits over 6 weeks (and beyond if required)


+ option for overnight baby care...HELLO sleep!!

$35 per hr